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Used & Second Hand Machinery. Worth it?

It’s a common dilemma. Especially in the current climate of Covid19, when economic uncertainty is all too real and the necessity to get “back to profitable business” is a goal to be attained as soon as possible. The choice between new and used machinery now matters more than ever. Of course, new machinery will always come with it’s benefits, due simply to being fresher out of the factory. However, second hand machines have quite a number of blessings too. If you’re looking to make a sensible decision in buying or selling this year, then you should definitely consider a few things first.

First things first….

Before looking at machines you ought to decide what type of commercial machinery you need. Do you need a solution to cut wood only, or will you need to work with other materials too? Be sure about your requirements (listing them down if necessary) and what exactly you desire to do with it. This will definitely aid in making the most balanced choice for your current workplace, in addition to avoiding problems or disappointments down the line.

The second thing to consider is your price range. Many manufacturer suppliers in the UK do not have an exact price advertised for their products, both old and new, so it’s often best to get in contact with the seller and ask for details or discuss options (MJ Woodworking have made this easy for you by integrating an enquiry form on all of our new and second hand machines)

In general, it’s good to request as much detail as you can on the machine you have your eye on, as occasionally a cheaper solution could entail greater repair and maintenance costs later. Don’t settle on the going rate, try to negotiate – it’s equipment you need, but you may as well save a couple of coins if you can, right?

Stressing the importance of the contact side of things, occasionally suppliers may be able to advise you of other solutions that aren’t necessarily visible on our site, so it never hurts to get in touch.

The best thing you can do, typically, is meet to inspect the equipment in person. Doing so can provide you with additional information about the machinery as well as a possible demonstration of it in action. Due to the nature of some equipment and how these are arranged in workshops, this may not be possible, although, it’s always of benefit to get a look at things up close before commiting to a purchase.

Some sellers are able to offer warranties or insurances with their used machines, so this is also something to ask for.

In short, is buying used machinery worth it in 2020? Absolutely yes. In fact, in many ways it makes MORE sense in the current climate. However, be sensible about it and make an informed decision. The main benefit of going second hand is the significant cost saving, and making a smart choice will ultimately yield you a better return than having to splash out again for something else.

Measure twice, cut once as they say….

Check out our extensive range of machinery, old and new. As always, don’t be afraid to reach out for information and advice.