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Stefani Solution HD Edge Bander


Nr. 1 use and maintenance handbook in english
Language – English
European safety regulations (CE norms)
Volt 400 eu
Frequency 50 hz
Solution HD-rt4 (78)
400v/50hz power supply with neutral
Top pressure beam by belt instead of wheels (73-78)
Variable feed speed 12-25m/min
Electr. Positioning of top press. Beam
Tool kit r-2 mm instead of top pressure beam
Spray anti-hesion unit aar
Pre-milling unit rte kw4
Infeed guide adjustment on 2 positions
NR.2 panel heating lamps
2 additional pressure rollers vc 600
Kit edge presence security vc 600
GMS glue system
Electronic pressure rollers
Vertical 2 roller pliers magazine with automatic edge
Autom. Horizontal blade inclination
Kit 2 automatic positions for RSU
Corner rounding unit c1 + c2 2p
NR. 4 tools e d-system” r=2
Pre-wiring milling unit u kw 4
Glue scraping unit rca2c
Overlapped brusing unit sp/f
Double sided edge brightening unit
Inverter adjustment for closed/open compositions
Inverter adjustment for closed/open compositions
Special execution 01



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