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Used OPTIMAT STO 211 Twin Drum Sander


Key features

Sander Wide Bütfering OPTIMAT STO 211/RE
Type / Model: OPTIMAT STO 211/RE
Production Year: 2006
Condition: Very Good
Technical Data:
“Grinding width: 1.100mm
“The number of units of grinding: 2pcs
“The hardness of the rubber cylinder: 65
“Thickness: 3 to 150mm
“2x main engines: 15kW and 11kW
“Two-speed feed rate: 4 / 8 m / min
“The engine feed: 0.7 / 0.9 kW
“Lift Motor: 0.25 kW
“Steel Roller
“Rubber Roller
“The height of the table was: Not
“Testing the thickness of material: Yes
“Dimensions of tape: 1120x1900mm
“Cabin: Yes
“Pressure bar: 8
“Connected load: 28kW
“Weight: 2600kg


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