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SCM DMC MB 90 De-Nibbing Wide Belt Sanding Machine

DMC MB 90 is the ideal solution for the finishing of routed MDF panels, assembled kitchen cabinet doors, doors and windows and similar profiled parts (picture frame strips, cableways, matchboardings, skirting boards). Parts can be rough or painted.


Year 2023

Never used


The wide belt sander DMC MB 90 by SCM is suitable for the finishing of routed MDF panels, doors, windows and profiled elements in general.


The machine is a equipped with a planetary unit and brushing rollers.

Planetary unit

  • 3 movements of the unit (rotation of the sanding brushes, counter-rotation of the brush holder discs and lateral movement of the head)
  • is possible to effectively round the sharp edges and to reach those inaccessible areas on profiled panels


Brushing rollers

  • twist inclination adjustment and the side oscillating movement


Technical specification (2023)

  • Working width mm 1350
    Min/max working thickness (mobile table) mm  3-170
    Min/max working thickness (fixed table) mm 3-200
    Feed belt speed m/min 2-16