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FCOFIRE Wood Dryer Model HT (4 chambers)

Model FCOFIRE  –  Serial nº 27705


Key features

  • Hot-water-fed conventional type
  • Front water dryer with lift.
  • Final humidity up to 5%;
  • Stainless steel structure AISI/304
  • Modular Chambers
  • Polyurethane and high density mineral wool insulation
  • Electrical equipment for ventilation, humidification and expulsion
  • Automatic process control (electronic control) 4001 Program
  • Library of drying programs (Temperate or tropical woods)
  • A chamber prepared for phytosanitary treatment
  • 10 Fans per chamber
  • 6 chamber Sensors
  • Chamber dimensions: 11.200mm x 5.300mm x 9.000mm


  • Boiler Metalref Hi Tec (wood waste boiler – sawdust)
  • Model FCOFIRE
  • Serial nº 27705
  • Power 800,000 Kcal/hour
  • Automatic loading system (silos)


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